Some great tile ideas

October 01, 2012 Commercial+Floor+Tiles from Bedrock+Tiles

Some great tile ideas

We have always held a firm responsibility for making it our business to source the most current, sustainable and innovative products.

Bedrock went to the annual world tile show in Bologna, Italy last week and we were blown away by the grand scale of the exhibition and even the size of some of the stands, representing factories from all countries across the world. The four day show had around a thousand different factories offering differing tiles which include all shapes, sizes, colours and textures…..we were like kids in the sweet shop!

We noticed a big offering from the factories for wood effect tiles; this is not normally a UK trend but shows that the factories are responsible for global trends. The great thing about the show was to see that so many factories are now taking sustainability seriously now and most of them have good collections which are eco focused. Here at Bedrock we have always been an active promoter of Thin Tiles and have sourced additional ranges to complement our existing portfolio.

Thanks to everyone who offered exceptional hospitality and look forward to seeing you again next year.

The tiles in the images below are from the show and if you would like more information on anything shown, please give our office a call.