Installing Wall and Floor Tiles

September 18, 2020 Commercial Interiors

Installing Wall and Floor Tiles

Tile Installation!

With all of the beautifully, stunning ceramic tiles becoming available from the best manufacturers in world it is imperative that they are installed to the perfection that the tiles are themselves.

Bedrock recommends the very best tiling contractors across the UK and world. We established many years ago that tiling contractors can actually make or break your project, so it’s best to ensure you meet and consult with them to cover exactly what you need ahead of appointing them, this is often known (in commercial projects) as a pre-start meeting.

There are some key things you need to cover during this meeting which are:

  • How long will it take you? (Negotiate discounts for a late/delayed install)
  • Have you considered movement control? (Tiles are a hard flooring and need breathing space)
  • What guarantee do you place on the workmanship? (Most firms offer 1 year on their installations)
  • How much waste would you need in addition to the required quantity of tiles? (should be between 10-20%)
  • What is included with the quote:
  1. Adhesive
  2. Grout
  3. Trims
  4. Movement Joints
  5. Travel & Accommodation (if you’re remotely located)
  6. Any extra ‘over costs’ (in case you ask for an additional area to be tiled, contractors use this as an opportunity to claw back lost costs THEY’VE occurred!)
  7. Tiling tool hire (prevalent if you’re having porcelain slab tiles installed)

Bedrock Tiles act as a buffer between you and the contractor, we have seen pretty much every single situation you might find yourself in, if you have concerns then there are great resources available to you.

If you feel that you simply need information and can deal with things alone then feel free to check out ‘A Book About Tiles’. The book is available from the usual online stores and is a detailed account of all things tiling and will give you information from British Standards and codes of practice laid out by the Tiling Association (TTA). Bedrock are here for you if you need our help, get in touch and we will elaborate on any enquiries you may have that concern tile installations with a site visit or phone/video conferencing, consultation.


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