Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

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Bedrock Environmental Policy.

Bedrock Tiles believe in the sustainability of the future and take great measures to ensure that not only our products have great sustainable credentials but our operating practices are also as environmentally friendly as they can be.

To achieve this we carry out the following measures:

 Operating paper, plastic and glass recycling.

 Purchasing where possible recycled packaging.

 We correctly dispose of our waters used during the cutting and preparation of samples, when tiles are cut they leave a sludge called sill, this will block drains if pored away, we remove these to recycling centres.

 We happily take back unused samples from our clients and reuse them again should they be un-damaged.

 We only cut samples on a wet saw should they be required to a specific custom size, by dry cutting them we save power, water and pollutions from the cutting process.

 We order our samples from overseas factories as part of a collecting order, this allows us to minimise any un-necessary transportation and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint.

 We champion new innovative products such as thin porcelain that allows approximately a 70% reduction in materials used, also by using this material we save approximately 50% in haulage weight and space, again minimising the carbon footprint.

 Our brochures and office suite are emailed to our clients by default, should we print particular literature to suit our clients requirements then these are always printed on recyclable paper from suppliers regulated by the FSC.

Our team have attended the BRE awareness course in Watford at BRE headquarters and are comfortable with sustainable procedures from design to assessment.

Should you need any further information about any of the topics above, please feel free to contact us where we will we would be more than happy to discuss things with you further.

We exhibit at Ecobuild annually to present and demonstrate our passion for promoting the very finest in sustainable floor and wall tiles whilst highlighting other fascinating products that people lesser know us for. Please see below images from our most recent show, Ecobuild 2013.

Date: 08 March 2019